Our Boro Glass downstems are built with scientific grade quality and measured to the millimeter so they fit right! Below are descriptions of the multiple components which make a downstem.

Bowl Fit

The bowl fit of a downstem is located at/inside the very top of the downstem. The bowl fit is where the bowl rests while the downstem is in use. Bowl fits determine what size bowls you can use with your downstem.


The Length of a downstem is measured from the bottom of the diffuser to the joint of the downstem. The length of a downstem is commonly measured incorrectly. Make sure to measure twice!


The diffuser of a downstem is located at the very bottom. Diffusers are designed to create bubbles/surface area and restriction. With more bubbles/surface area we benefit by enjoying a smooth flavorful experience. The smaller the holes leads to more restriction.


The joint of a downstem is measured at the top of the ground underneath the bowl fit. The joint is also the widest part of the ground.


The ground of a downstem is the frosted finished ring area around the downstem. The ground is the only part of the downstem that make contact with your water pipe. If any other part of you downstem is resting against the glass of your water pipe, you may need a different size downstem.

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